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Two Economics Powers® 


Our goal in working with clients is to give them the most flexibility and choice when they reach retirement.  The key to having that flexibility is diversifying where you put your retirement savings.  Most people are very familiar with one power, which relates to interest rates and rate of return in the stock market.  Many people however are not familiar with a second power or strategy linked to actuarial science, the mathematical discipline used in both life insurance and pension plans.   

Using these TWO POWERS together can create higher retirement income streams. In doing this, you will create a situation with multiple savings sources. This allows you to withdraw yearly income from different areas in your retirement years from a more stable savings base.

Most people used to get both powers by default through defined benefit pension plans. As defined contribution plans such as the 401(k) and 403(b) became more popular, very few people continued to have the security of a pension plan. It is no longer your employer’s responsibility to fund your retirement. Very little education has been given to individuals regarding what they must do to provide for themselves the day they retire.