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The Six Step Client Process

Step 1 Discover

  • What is important about money to you
  • What would you ideally like to accomplish with your financial strategy
  • Complete this sentence: When it comes to my money and financial plan, the only thing I really care about is ….

Step 2 Educate

  • If what you thought to be true turns out not to be true when would you want to know
  • Our role is to separate fact from opinion and educate our clients about money and how it works

Step 3 Analyze

  • There is more to be gained by avoiding losses than picking apparent winners
  • Find inefficient strategies

Step 4 Strategize

  • Discuss alternatives and create strategies
  • Financial success is determined by developing strategies that focus on a process, not a product. Strategies need to be developed to handle both expected and unexpected events. Once the strategies are in place then products can be chosen that align with the course of action.

Step 5 Implement

  • Take action
  • Our role is to make sure the plan is easy to understand and implement, and assist with implementation.

Step 6 Monitor

  • Periodic reviews and updates
  • By simultaneously increasing the efficient and effective use of your money, implementing desired action items, and participating in periodic reviews and updates, we seek to help you create greater financial opportunity and confidence in your future.